One challenge for us on the trip is to keep the kids entertained when we have to drive many long hours at a time. Here are something we do.

  • Play the “I spy…” game.
  • Sing songs.
  • Play the “I saw…” bingo game.
  • Play the “I spotted the license plate” game.
  • Play the “I never ever did something” game. When someone else did the thing, that person gets a point. First person gets 5 points win
  • Play the “I saw…” alphabet game.
  • Do some drawings
  • Play the counting game with something we see.
  • Let them play a game or work on an creative app on an itouch.
  • Let them watch a little of a movie on an itouch
  • Stop and let them play on a playground
  • Stop and do some geocaching
  • Play the 20 questions game
  • Play the Chinese Last word-first word phrase game.
  • Color with water game: there are booklets that has pictures of many dots in different areas. They looked white when dry. But change to different colors when painted with water. You can use either brush or fingers to paint them.
  • Play the related word game. one person say a word, another one say another word, it can be in similar meanings, or not at all, as long as there is a tiniest relationship between the two words. For example, one says bird, another can say fly or sky or animal or tree or forest, etc. This is the most flexible word game we palyed and it’s more fun because you cannot guess where the words will lead you into.
  • Please let us know what you do as well to keep your kids entertained. Thanks
  • Bring an electronic game such as iPhone, iTouch or iPad and play a game. We wrote a game, Galaxy Builder, try it and you will like it.
  • —-

    Think of a couple of words and have kids use them in a sentence

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