Before the trip, I have never heard of the Thousand Islands Region in New York. The only “thousand islands” place I have heard of was in China and unfortunately was known infamously for brutal murders of many Taiwanese tourists on a tourist ship. 1000 islands in New York is between the Canada-U.S. border in the Saint Lawrence River and it is a famous vacation destination. I am not sure there are actually 1000+ islands given that to a minimal of one tree is required for a place to qualify as an island

smallest island

the smallest island in the 1000 islands region

I think Stockholm region has more islands but both areas are beautiful and, of course, many islands are owned by the riches with beautiful houses and parking docks instead of garages. Nice! I won’t mind having one for my house.

Island House

A famous attraction here is the Boldt castle. We took a boat tour around the region which stopped at the Boldt castle for a closer look. Kadia got to be a captain for a few seconds.

Kadia as a captain

The castle was built by George Boldt for his wife but his wife died before the castle was finished . It sounded just like many other famous tragic stories where a castle was built but the owner never lived in it. Didn’t they realize that they needed to build faster as people didn’t live very long back then?

Power house at Boldt Castle

The region was lovely and would be nice to kayak from one island to another; however, most islands were private so it would have been impossible anyway so we soon left the area after camped at Wellesley Island State Park for a night with a beautiful sunrise view from our campsite. Where is that picture?