When the toll on the Golden Gate Bridge was raised to $5 a few years ago, I thought that was expensive. But given that it is a national landmark and it is world famous, I thought perhaps if any bridge deserved the high cost, it would be the one. When we were in New Jersey and were traveling to the Long Island, we had to cross a bridge that cost $9.50. I thought to myself, I wouldn’t want to cross this bridge often. Unfortunately for people who need to go to JFK airport, they need to cross that bridge from the mainland. So I felt a little better about our toll. A few weeks later, we took a ferry from Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island and were told that it was free and fee (around 50 Canadian dollars) would be collected when leaving the island. We thought we got a good deal as we would be driving off the island via the Confederation Bridge instead and how expense could a bridge toll be. We were wrong! (see below) Now I have a deep appreciation for our cheap toll! Just curious, anyone knows any more expensive bridge toll?
Confederation Bridge