Millions of species have become extinct but only a handful of them appear in our daily lives as if they were still alive. And of them, no species captures more imagination more than the dinosaur. It must be the size. My cousin, Christine, told me about the Royal Tyrell Museum in Alberta being one of the best dinosaur museums in the world so we made our way up to Drumheller after the Waterton Lakes National Park.

Canadian BadlandsAs we drove close to Drumheller, we began to see land formations similar to what we saw in Badlands National Park. It was the Canadian Badlands similar to the Badlands National Park we visited a few weeks ago on the trip. I didn’t know that badlands stretched that far north but it made sense. This was the area that a lot of dinosaur remains have been uncovered. And it made sense to have a world class dinosaur museum in Drumheller.
Susan and Kadia in front of Royal Tyrrell Museum
Dinosaur in DrumhellerWhen we got into the town, we were greeted with the world biggest dinosaur (see picture on the right). Kadia inside the Royal Tyrrell MuseumWe camped at the Rivergrove campground across from the big dinosaur. The next morning, we visited the Royal Tyrell Museum. It was situated at the edge of a vast area of badlands, a source of unlimited dinosaur bones. The museum was huge and filled with many varieties of dinosaur bones. We also learned they had dinosaur bone digging expeditions, something would thrill children and adults alike. I found the expeditions to be enticing and would definitely like to go back there when Kadia and Bryden are older. Kadia was thrilled to see many dinosaurs, running back and forth going from one to another.

We took a hike at the badlands right next to the museum. Mushroom CapsI found badlands interesting with its many different hues of colors. Badlands were named so because they presented difficult obstacles for pioneers to travel through in the old days, but they seemed to be innocent and inviting to visitors like me. This barren ground preserved the richest collections of dinosaur bones in the world. As we walked around the trail in the badlands, knowing that there may be dinosaur bones beneath our feet made the hike unique. We were walking on the same ground where dinosaurs roamed millions of years ago. If there ever is a time machine, I would like to travel back there to see for myself.