Which one of the following has the most visitors per year? Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, or Mall of America? The answer is Mall of America and it is not even a close race. It has more visitors per year than the other 4 combined!

We are not into shopping. The 1st time I heard of Mall of America was when they built a Great Mall in the Bay Area and said that it rivaled Mall of America in size. Since then I have also heard that it was popular and attracted millions of visitors a year. Therefore we decided to visit it when we were at our friend, Steve’s house in Big Lake, MN.

The mall was big and crowded. Mall of AmericaI think it was well-designed with an indoor amusement park in the middle and 4 levels of shops on the outer perimeters. I liked the design because it allowed me to cut across the middle to get to the other side of the mall quickly. The idea of putting an amusement park in the middle was the stroke of a genius. Truckin’ at MOAWith Minnesota being one of the coldest places in USA, the mall provides a winter haven for the region. It was far better than the Great Mall both in designs and in the quality of shops.

We spent a couple of hours there, bought a pair of sandals for Kadia as she grew out of the old pair, Kadia got behind a kids-size 18-wheeler, and played at LEGO store there. I can easily see people spending a whole day there, having fun and spending money but it was not for us: it was too crowded and, although there were some unique shops, it was still just a shopping mall disguised as an attraction place. Well, they did a good job as we got suckered into it. 🙂
Kadia with Lego