These days, a lighthouse is almost an afterthought when come to marine navigation; all the high-tech gears such as radar, GPS, and sonar, have put lighthouses out of jobs but not out of our fascination with them. Most of the lighthouses have ceased operations but their presences on the coast can still serve as landmarks when electronic gears are not available or not working. And they grace any coast beautifully. Although we don’t absolutely have to visit every lighthouse, we like to visit it whenever we can.

On the trip, we saw quite a number of lighthouses, some on east coast, some on west coast and some along the Great Lakes and bays as well. Each one had its charm and has served its purpose of guiding ships and saving countless number of lives. In the old days, lighthouse keepers had to live inside many miles away from civilizations to operate them. We owe a great gratitude to them and their sacrifices. Let’s preserve lighthouses, not let them die of neglect. Hover the cursor over each picture to see the lighthouse name.

Cape Enrage Lighthouse, New BrunswickFire Island Lighthouse, New York
Cove Head Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island
Cape D’Or Lighthouse, Nova Scotia
Sunken Rock Lighthouse, Alexandria Bay, New York
Rock Island Lighthouse, Fisher’s Landing, New York
Big Tub Lighthouse, Ontario
Umpqua River Lighthouse, OregonHeceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon
Raspberry Lighthouse, Apostle Islands, WisconsinCove Island Lighthouse, Bruce Peninsula, Ontario
Neils Harbor Lighthouse, Cape Breton, Nova ScotiaCape Meares Lighthouse, Oregon