When we were driving to Pikes Peak State Park in Iowa, we encountered a swamp of dragonflies near the entry of the park. They came out of nowhere and quickly flew past our van and were gone. A couple of minutes, we stopped in the park and looked for them. We didn’t see them and never saw them again. I was disappointed as I love dragonflies.

They fascinated me because I always find them to be the most interesting insect in the world. I remember when I was a child, I would try to catch them, approached them from the back but without a lot of success because supposedly their eyes can see 360 degrees. When I caught one, I was cruel, as kids often were, and attached a string to its tail and let it go but kept it on the leash. I don’t remember in details but I hope I eventually removed the string and let it go.

As I grew older, I didn’t torture them anymore but admired them. I found them to beautiful and elegant. How could I ever be so mean to them in the past? We saw a few of them on the trip but it was difficult to get a good picture of them. Here are two fuzzy ones. I would love to take a trip to a place filled with dragonflies, but probably not the big ones supposedly existed in the dinosaur era.