I heard that United States will make a passport mandatory crossing from Canada into the USA soon. I always carry my passport when I go to Canada after an incidence 17 years ago. I was in Syracuse on a top secret project for the government and decided to drive to Niagara Falls. When I was there, I went across to the Canada side without a passport even though I was warned by the Canada Border agent that I might have a difficult time getting back into the United States. And he was right. When I came back in, I was detained even thought I had my driver license. While I was there, I saw a bunch of Caucasian looking people just walked right through without any IDs. It was ironic that I was detained even though I was working on a top secret project for the government. Eventually I was let go after a few hours after providing a lot of information they asked. I wasn’t worried because eventually people at work would be looking for me and I didn’t have to work.

We crossed the border a few times on this trip. I have some ideas what they would be looking for when crossing the border so we tried to eliminate the items such as fresh fruits and meats. The first time we didn’t think we had anything so I told them so. Because our van was packed with camping gears, they asked a few questions and made me getting out of the van and opened a few things for them to inspect. The 2nd time forgot to eat all the fruits when we came to the border station so I had to honestly tell them what we had and one of the fruits was a mango. When the agent heard that, she made me turned over the mango right away and didn’t bother to inspect anything more. As we crossed the border a few more times, we learned to report one thing so they would leave us alone. We called it a fruit sacrifice and it worked every time: we crossed the border quickly and without any hassle.