Paper or Plastic? The innocent question we get asked when buying grocery every time. I always try to remember to bring some canvas bags so I can decline both as they are environmentally unfriendly, in different ways. If not, I would ask for paper hoping for recycled paper. However when we were on the trip, we were using paper grocery bags as garbage bags the first few days and they didn’t work well when wet. We had a few spells that we ended up asking for plastic. The plastic grocery bags worked well as our garbage bags. We would typically generate 2 to 3 grocery bags of garbage every day.

I read a book (cannot remember the book name) about how Goodyear invented the rubber by an accident. It was educational. He couldn’t get it to stay solid when heated until he accidentally discovered the Vulcanite process. Hopefully someone can accidentally invent an environmentally friendly rubber in the future which will self-disintegrate in due time. We had many beautiful hikes on the trip but hated when we saw garbage on the trail such as plastic bags. They were bad reminders of human prevasive intrusion into the wilderness and they will stay just about forever. Worse of all, they have killed and will continue to kill wildlife. We picked up a few but I hope everyone can be more conscious of the plastic impact.