I love corn and soybeans. I like to nibble on a cob of corn, eat popcorn or swallow a baby corn whole. Soybeans, that’s my life: soybeans itself, soybean drink and tofu. I am a picky eater and drove my mom crazy when I was little. Meats in general are not my favorite food but I am not a vegetarian. Tofu is my source of proteins. I love every conceivable forms of tofu, including and especially stinky tofu. It is yummy.

I remember in the mid 80’s, a few friends wanted to watch a movie, titled “Children of Cornfields”. I thought to myself: I like kids and I like corn so this would be a perfect movie for me. As it turned out, it was a horrible movie for me. I hate horror movies and this was one horror movie. To this day, when I thought of a cornfield, it gave me the shudder.
Although I would be a little apprehensive going to a cornfield, I was still looking forward to see a field of green corn plants, just like we searched out rice fields in Bali, sunflower fields near Florence. The simple beauty of a crop field bring tranquility to chaos of our lives. However, we didn’t see many tall corn fields on the trip. On the way to the east coast, it was too early and most of the cornfields were just starting to grow; on the way back to the west coast, we saw a lot of dry-up and dying cornfields because of drought. However we learned from an Iowa campground host who told us that farmers rotated crops between corn and soybean from one year to another. The reason was that corn took nitrogen out of dirt and soybean put nitrogen back in. What a perfect natural solution! What a perfect combination for my diet!

There are many complementary things in the world: clownfish and anemones, goby fish and shrimp, mycorrhizal fungi and plants, left hand and right hand, etc. Ten years ago, I felt a potential tendonitis on my right forearm, probably due to excessive computer mouse uses. I switched over to use the left hand and ever since then I control mouse sometimes with the left hand and sometimes with the right hand. I haven’t had any problems since. It is a natural solution within myself. There are many natural solutions in the world to solve problems; we just have to look for them instead of forcing an artificial solution.

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