Mushroom hunting is always one of our favorite activities when we hike, especially if we are at a wet area. We don’t take them or eat them, just look for them and take pictures of them. We saw many mushrooms on various trails on the trip but we finally hit the jackpot both in quantity and in variety when we were at Glacier National Park, British Columbia. Kadia studied mushroomWe did a couple of short hikes there and saw abundant of mushrooms. Finding mushroom was also Kadia’s favorite pastime during a hike on the trip; Susan and Bryden with Mushroomshe would walk ahead of us, hoping to spot the next mushroom before us and shouted joyously 蘑菇 when she spotted one. Here she was studying one mushroom with her binocular. There were many different varieties, big and small, skinny and fat, hairy and smooth, and many colors. There were a few bigger than a human head. Some of them looked so tasty that I wish I knew how to identify the edible ones from poisonous one. We didn’t hike far as we spent a lot time studying, taking pictures of mushrooms and having a joyful time. The picture below shows some of the mushrooms we saw there.

Various Mushrooms