When we were near Chicago on Interstate 80, we felt like we were in another world: we were surrounded by 18 wheelers everywhere. This probably was a major trucking route. It was like we drove a toy car among giants; it was unnerving at the least.

I saw on the back of a truck with a sign “Driver Wanted: 41 Cents a Mile”. I always thought that truckers had difficult jobs, driving all days and nights and away from the family most of times and all that just for 41 cents per miles? For 112 days, we drove close to 20 thousand miles, averaged 180 miles per day. If I were a trucker, that would only be 8200 dollars. Even if they drive 3 times as much a day, it would only be 24600 dollars. That’s hard earned money.

Even though the technology has made quantum leaps in recent years, the basic needs haven’t changed. We still need to eat food and wear clothes. The truckers are the ones making this possible. They spend most of their lives on the road so we can just go down the street and buy grocery. As we drove among them, I had a new sense of appreciation for them and all the things we could get easily in our local stores.