When we were at the KOA in Buffalo, WY, we had a few bikers as neighbors. Although I didn’t have any stigma against bikers, I knew about their reputation: tough as nails, rowdy as teenagers, and always fashioned in black. Our neighbors were friendly and they did appear tough; however they were tender as well just like a few B.A.C.A bikers we met at Mount Rushmore. One who might be in his 50’s came from Alberta by himself. He talked about his life in great details that surprised me as I don’t usually expect male strangers to talk openly about their lives. Another came from Vancouver and we chatted a little about food as I was cooking. She gave Kadia a stuffed cat as a gift. Both bikers left good impressions on me.

I didn’t have any good or bad opinions about bikers as I didn’t know much about them or knew anyone well who was known as a biker. I have heard of Hell’s Angels and some of their alleged criminal activities. However, after the couple of encounters we had with bikers, they unknowingly left favorable impression on us. It may not mean much but it may prove to be the difference in the future.

There were a few other incidents that people left good impressions on us: an Indian couples at Cape Breton, a Caucasian father with his two teenaged sons at Lake Louis and, of course, Debbie at Capitol Reef. Not only they made our trip more enjoyable, the feel-good experiences also permeated to the surroundings and elevated them to go-again places. If I were an alien, perhaps it would cause me to think in favored terms toward Indians and Caucasians.

This got me thinking about the current state of Israel and Palestine, The two hate each other. I used to be naive and couldn’t understand how they can hate each other that much because there isn’t any race that I hate until a friend told me that was how they were raised and they couldn’t think outside of what they were taught ever since they were children, thus my rambling on my post, World Trade Center. And there is the problem of the holy land that I don’t understand because I believe we all are travelers on this earth and we don’t own anything here. Here is something maybe would help: pair up one Israeli and one Palestinian and make them go on a backpacking trip where they have to depend on each other and be nice to each other. Perhaps they will learn that on the average people are as decent as they are, not as evil as they have been taught all their lives. Hey, it is worth a try; at least, it won’t get any worse than it is today. Perhaps, we will be closer to world peace.