Today is Super Bowl Sunday. I haven’t watched football much the last 15 years because Raiders have not played well during this period and I didn’t want to be a traitor to become a 49ers fan. Also, over the year, I watch less and less of sports, partly due to a lot of them are only on cable that I don’t have and partly due to lack of time; Riverfront Stadiumbut I play more now. When we were on the trip, we passed 3 famous baseball parks, Comiskey Park in Chicago, Riverfront Stadium (see right) in Cincinnati and Camden Yards in Baltimore. Actually, I don’t remember how many of them are still around. I believe Riverfront Stadium were demolished a few years ago for a new stadium–I don’t even bother to remember a stadium’s name anymore because it changes so often now it would require a computer to keep track of it.

We didn’t go to any of the stadiums because our kids were too young to be able to sit in a place too long but perhaps another time. I heard a story that one guy spent the whole summer to catch baseball games in all the 30 cities in North America. By doing so, he lost perhaps 150 pounds; that was a great way to lose weight. I like sports (except for golf, boxing and auto racing) but don’t like baseball that much but maybe someday we will go to all the grand slam tennis events; luckily, that’s only 4 and I have been to Wimbledon already. I had a chance in Paris one year but elected not to go. That was unfortunate because I had a great time in Wimbledon a few years later.

I remember when they built the Pac Bell Park, there was some resistance of changing from the old park, Candlestick Park to a new place. I think it is only natural to move away from the old to the new. It is likely that Comiskey Park, Riverfront and Camden Yards were not the 1st park for each respective club anyway. They probably replaced something else in the past. We moved from places to places and changed jobs after jobs. It is okay to move onto something new. The Pac Bell Park turned out to be a beautiful park, a cozy and friendly environment. What I am not sure about is the name.

The park started out to be Pac Bell Park, then it changed to SBC Park and now AT&T Park in just a few years. It is all too confusing to me and is likely more so for people who are not local. This naming right to a Stadium is rampant all over the U.S. now. I guess although reluctantly, I understand: if someone were to pay me $1,000,000 to change my name for a few years, I would sell out my name! I am not proud; it is only a name. Historians will have a field day on all the names some day though.

But I am glad they haven’t changed the names of 4 grand slam tennis tournaments. Imagine this: “Congratulation, Roger, the new Citicorps Open champion.” Somehow, it just doesn’t have the same ring as the Wimbledon champion. It is still good to have some old traditions to live up to. One good thing about the red tape of the government was that at least the street name still bornethe old name! Luckily on the trip, we were still able to identify our location by the old names. Just wait until our government find out how much money they can make from a street name.