After we drove past the Rockies, we started noticing that there was usually a prominent structure, like a water tower, bearing the name of the city, proudly announcing its existence. We loved it as it told us where we were from at least a mile away and also we loved different designs. So we started looking forward to the next city to see what kind of structures they would have. It became a game to see who could spot the next town tower the quickest. Time flew when having fun. We took some pictures as shown below.

YorkMount HopeEvandale

When we entered New Brunswick, we noticed that each city had elaborate sign that was both colorful and artistic (like many states have as their state welcome sign). Each sign could convey what the city government wanted others to know about the city. I thought I took some pictures but I couldn’t find them. Again, we loved it and continued to look forward to see the next one.

We don’t see many of these here on the west coast. Instead, we have plain government issued black and white (or green) sign bearing city’s name posted at city limits. This is a shame. As a traveler, I love to see different signs showing the creativity of each city; the sign foretells the character of the city and provides entertainment to distance travelers like us.