As we drove to the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park, we had a surprise discovery, the Newspaper Rock National Historical Site. petroglyph at KakaduThis was not the 1st time that we have seen a newspaper rock: we saw one (see picture below) at Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona newspaper rocks at Arizonaand many other petroglyph rocks in various Southwest places and even in Kakadu National Park (see right) in Australia. Newspaper rock at UtahHowever this was one of the best, easy to get to, easy to see and filled with petroglyph symbols (see picture on the right).

Petroglyph and Pictograph are typically studied by archaeologists and linguists as they provided some insights to ancient cultures and languages. Any new discovery will attracted scientists to study it. Scientists usually attached some cultural or religious significance to them. But I am a vulgar person. I am sure I wasn’t the first person thought of it being graffiti? If so, did the person or persons do this got prosecuted?

Things are not always what they seemed to be. Do we often judge others too soon? What we consider strange or unorthodox today maybe the norm in the future? Should we be more tolerant of others who may be eccentric or different by today’s standard? Religions have always shown to be less tolerant of different ideas. Many people had died because of them and many more will suffer the same fate. Would we be better of without them?

I pondered that for a while then moved on to the beautiful Canyonlands and thought of how lucky those people were to live in such a gorgeous place and we were to be able to visit it.

Susan at Needles