It is Australia Open this month. Federer is playing Djokovic right now in the 4th round. Last year, I missed the French Open, the Wimbledon, and all the US Open except the men’s Final. I remember when we camped at Memaloose State Park (on Colubmia River Gorge) in Oregon, I was able to listen to the KNBR radio station (AM 680, based at San Francisco) clearly that night to check the tennis scores from the US Open. But the next morning, I could no get much reception at all. I thought it was bizarre.

During Christmas break, I mentioned this phenomenon and a friend said it was because KNBR is a clear channel station: a clear channel station has the frequency all to itself at night. He said that when as a kid, he used to be able to listen to radio stations from Chicago from his Texas home at night. That was pretty cool and amazing.

Thanks to the KNBR station, I was able to race home in time to watch Federer played Roddick in the US Open Final, a good final. Only 6 more to go for Federer now.