Analog vs. Digital:

As I mentioned in the previous post and in another post about cell phone reception, our digital cell (AT&T/Cingular) didn’t work well in a lot of places on this trip. I remember a few years ago, I used my company’s dual-band cell phone at Grand Teton and was able to get reception on the analog band. Although we travel a lot, we don’t use cell phones often enough to know how extensive digital and analog services are. I would like to hear your cell experience on analog band vs. digital band. What is the best choice if we want to have a cell phone for safety purpose in remote wilderness? What would you bring instead?

To Have or Not to Have:

We do not use cell phone users often mostly because we don’t have the habit of carrying cell phones with us. For me, personally, I knew I would misplace my phone if I ever had it. And, unfortunately it becomes true when we decided to have them during Susan’s 1st pregnancy for safety reasons: I often misplace mine for hours if not days. Perhaps I don’t think it is important as I hardly ever misplace my glasses–I am legally blind without it. There are other reasons I didn’t want to have a cell phone: its convenience and its intrusion.

  • Convenience: I was afraid that I would abuse its convenience, therefore, becoming a less dependable person. Unfortunately, it becomes true in some respect as I am late more often now and will cancel the last minute because I know I can make a phone call to inform others as if having a cell phone gives me the right to do so now. I would hope my tardiness is more due to the 2 babies than my cell phone but it definitely contributes to some degrees. But I know it is not completely true as I would most likely not to be late if there was 1,000,000 dollars involved.
  • Intrusion: Most of us have been brought to be courteous and not to interrupt when others are having a conversation. Cell phones seem to give us the license to interrupt. Granted that the receivers do not have to answer but they often do even when they have company. Isn’t that rude? Does our life become so complicated and unsafe that we have so many emergencies now? Or have we become less patient now?

Power corrupts. Most of us do not have the power some of politicians have. If we were to become politician, can we stay neutral and not get corrupted? Behavior on small matters can foretell behavior on big matters. Would this hold true when projecting cell phone behavior to political behavior? Have your behavior changed since you have cell phones? Do you think you can be a politician with integrity? I used to think I can but now looking at how my behavior changes due to a cell phone, I wonder if I can now with that knowledge. Can you? What do you think?

If you find your life hectic because your cell phone constantly rings, I challenge you to put away your cell phone for a week. Let me know if that restore some order to your life.