Capitol Reef MapNotom-Bullforg RoadAnother goal of the trip was to scout places for next time to visit. While we were at Capitol Reef, we decided to check out a remote part of the park: Mulley Twist Canyon. The canyon was about 35 miles via an unpaved road south of the highway 24 that run through the center of the park. We drove along the unpaved road, Notom-Bullfrog, for an hour to reach the Cedar Mesa Campground. It was a bumpy dirt road (see picture above right) so the going was slow. We didn’t see anyone else until we got to the Cedar Mesa campground (5 primitive campsites only). We pulled in the last available campsite so Susan could nurse Bryden.

Notom-Bullforg RoadWhile we were there, another group of campers came in and was disappointed that there wasn’t any available site. I told them that we would be leaving soon and asked them about the road condition going forward. They just came from the Burr Trail Road and told us that we shouldn’t have a problem even we didn’t have a 4-wheel drive. We pressed on and arrived at the turnoff to Burr Trial Road in 30 minutes then headed west up the Burr Trail Switchback. The switchback reminded me of the switchbacks on the way up to Angels Landing in Zion but this was for car. We took a picture from near the top of the switchback as shown here on the near top right. It wasn’t a hair-raising experience as the road was quite safe during the dry season but it was definitely fun and unforgettable.

It took too long to get up to where the turnoff to Mulley Twist Canyon which required a 4-wheel drive vehicle anyway. Also, it was getting late and we didn’t want to drive in the dark as it would take another 2 hours to get back to our Fruita campsite where we set camp in the morning. We would have to come back another day. While we were on the Notom-Bullfrog road, I was a little worry about being in a remote place with 2 kids and didn’t want to get stuck somewhere. Our cell phones could not get any reception, totally defeating the major reason why we brought them: for safety in a remote place. This leads to the next post, the Cell Phone Debate.