We have been thinking of driving across the country (United States) for a while but never made time and effort to do it. We just had our 2nd kid last December so we decided to do it this summer to take advantage of California’s FMLA (paternity leave within a year of a child birth) that would provide 6 weeks of disability pay and provide job protection. It could be difficult as we would have a 3-year old and a 5-month old by the time we were to embark on our trip in May but there would never be a good time. Ideally, if the kids were a little older, they would remember and enjoy the trip more (but not too old as they would complain too much and might not want to go.) But we can always do it again when they are older. Financially, it would hurt without normal pay for 3-4 months but it should be worth it. Earlier last year when I discovered Susan was pregnant, I have already mentioned to my boss that we might want to take the summer off next year. Finally, I officially went ahead and asked for the time off from May to September and was surprised when they agreed to it. Now the trip can be a reality, no longer just in our heads.